"Honestly, I don't know what I'd do without her at this point. There are people who save your day or your week, but then there are people who save your life, even if it's by being a little rough on you sometimes. Seeing sides of yourself you've spent your whole life trying to ignore us hard work."

"Anna was such a breath of fresh air to all the other counsellors I've ever had in person throughout my life. I felt that she pinpointed and grouped my behaviours and thoughts i had into connected themes that I had not even realized were there. It made me see how I wasn't being true to myself and I was holding myself back based on what others thought, or more importantly what I thought others thought. Look forward to continuing the work we have scratched the surface of."

"She's a competent counselor."

"Anna is extremely compassionate and supportive. She understood where I was coming from and gave me practical tools to combat my issues. I was very happy with our work together."

"She is honestly amazing."

"Within our first session I immediately liked her. She's really attentive and genuine. I feel like she is a great match with what I am looking for in a therapist."